Love Jamberry…Why not you?

Lisa Lee | Jamberry
1 Jun 2014

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I was introduced to Jamberry in January 2014. I had a online party. Part of me was wanting to Join under my friend Megan Richardson. I did not see it happening since Joshua and I were living month to month. After my party I stepped out in Faith and join Jamberry as a Independent Concultant. Had you told me at that time that I would be a Lead Concultant with Jamberry I would have not imagined it.

My goal is to achieve 2 home parties a month and 2 online parties. I need everyone’s help to achieve my Dreams.

20140601-105401.jpg I am also looking for ladies and gentlemen that desire to help others feel good about themself. For a low $99 fee you can not only enjoy Jamberry for your self, but also make extra money. Feel free to ask me questions or just go to my site and join today.