Our Adoption

It's All About Life

Where to start? If we have to describe our family in one word, we would say BLESSED. My wife and I didn’t Go through the typical First year of marriage. Lisa was suffering from a fever the day of our wedding which didn’t break until the following week. She also went through many surgeries to manage the pain of her endometriosis and poly-cystic ovaries and after the final surgery the doctor saying we had very little to no chance of having a child. At that moment we left the future of our family and having children up to God. We started looking at the option of adoption. But something wonderful happened, which I will simply say is an example of God’s miraculous work in our lives. We had our little girl, Ava. Ava is a constant reminder of how God works and the challenges He puts in our lives to overcome.

Now God is moving us back into adoption. Lisa and I feel that God is calling us to be a vessel that can give love. God has placed a desire to extend love to the birth mother/ parents, and also provide love for an unborn child. We feel that love is not for a time but something you give freely through out time. Throughout the adoption of a child we are also desiring to bring others into a relationship with Christ through a Heavenly Adoption.

What’s the purpose of this website and what we asking for?
We started the “It’s All About Life” website to help raise money to fund the remaining expenses for our adoption. All we ask for are donations to help us reach our goal or purchase either one of the two beautiful necklaces designed for this specific purpose by August Keepsakes Jewelry (It’s All About Life and I Love Life). All proceeds and donations go to our adoption and are not tax deductible at this time.

What do you plan to do after you adopt?
Once we complete our adoption process, we plan to use this website to create and support a non-profit venture which will allow us to collect tax deductible donations to be used for helping families adopt a child. All families who apply must meet certain qualifications that we will detail out at a later date.