Our Family

About Joshua

Joshua is a true servant of God’s kingdom utilizing the talents he has been given by God.  At our church home he has been part of the worship and choir.  He currently helps with our Children’s ministry department and currently work with the media team.

Joshua graduated from Texas Tech University with an undergrad in MIS and Management then obtained a Masters in Information Technology From University Of Phoenix.

Joshua has developed a web and graphic design company called JosTLeeWebDesigns.  It caters to Small and Medium sized businesses, churches/ministries, and personal webpages along with computer services and technical support, as well as, a consultant specializing in computer services and website development.

About Lisa

Lisa is a person who is full of energy and creativeness. She can craft, cook, teach children on all different levels.

Lisa loves the Lord and reaching out to children. Getting a degree in Pastoral Ministries with an focus in Early Childhood Development at Southwest Assemblies of God (SAGU), Lisa helps minister and teach children about Christ every chance she gets. She loves creating games and having fun in addition to inspiring children to learn and grow daily.

Lisa is in the midst of starting her company creative 2 the bone where she sells custom embroidered children shirts and onsies, bibs and blankets. Her imagination is endless when it comes to crafting.

About AVA

Ava is a blessing from Heaven. She is brilliant, full of life, and eager to enjoy everything around her.  She loves using her imagination.  Ava is always eager to Help.  Her spirit shines.