In our home Grace is given often. It is not without that grace that we continue to make it Day to day. As the Day comes to an end. I reflect on what World Cerebral Palsy Day means in our life. We know the term Cerebral Palsey meant long before we Adopted Gracelyn. But little [&hellip...

Prayer for IEP meeting

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August 7, 2017 I a day we need God to open some doors. If you Read are blog you know that Joshua and I have come to a place we want the best education for our Girls. We have called a IEP meeting with Gracelyn School. The issues we are addressing will effect the 2017-2018 [&hellip


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Do you ever just have FEAR come out of no where? If so you are not alone. I have found the feeling of fear is swiping over me more often then normal. It seems to remind me of the past. The choices I have made in the past or the things that have created issues [&hellip

Living a Dream...

Living a Dream…

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Everyone has dreamed from time to time.  You may not think of yourself as a dreamer or maybe you are a big dreamer.  Which ever Area you fall into know it is okay.   Myself personally I dream often.  I dream of far way places.  Places that create peace in the middle of a very [&hellip