Dream is what our Girl does. She is never let her Brain Damage stop her from dreaming big.  The truth is she has found a happy place in her dreams.  That is way is is so fitting that she would Dream of far away places and adventures that would never end…. Joshua and I have [&hellip...

Even Special needs Moms….

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Special Needs moms are not with out fault.  Yes we even get ticket for werks and speeding.  This time it was my own fault.  I rear ended the guy in front of me. Today was court.   I showed up ready to tell my case.  District attorney meet with me.  He asked if I rear [&hellip

Mayham would not Trade it

Mayham would not Trade it

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Photos, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome

This morning was like every other morning.  Controlled mayham is the real description.  We have started having Ava wake to an alarm.  She is 9 yr old.  Yet moments before that I was late in the let our night nurse go home. Grils asleep I let the side of Gracelyns bed down.  This morning was [&hellip

Brave Warrior Princess.....update 

Brave Warrior Princess…..update 

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome

Gracelyn has now taking on the name Brave Warrior Princess.  If she did not have enough stuff going on medically.  The last two months have been hard on everyone that cares for her.  She has had many issues with breathing, multiple viruses and fevers.   Gracelyn has also had very low white blood count.  Which [&hellip