We are building a Home

That’s right we are building and buying a home. We have been in Colorado since 2012. As rent rises and finding an appointment that fits our needs gets harder. We know that it is time to find a place to settle down. It is time to make Colorado truly home. We are building a home [&hellip...

Postponement of Benefit Luncheon

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds

First I want to THANK everyone for your continuous prayer and contributions. This is the final week we have to raise the remainder of the money for the adoption. We are proclaiming that we will receive the remaining funds by the time we leave to bring BABY LEE home. God’s hand has been in this [&hellip


Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds, Welcome

Today we got the long awaited phone call.  A birth-mom has chosen us.  She is due anytime between now and February 23rd.  We need you to team with us to complete the remainder of the funds required to Bring Baby Lee Home.  We would like to Thank everyone that has helped up to this point.  [&hellip

Benefit Luncheon

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds

Good news! We have gotten word of a possible match which means, more than ever, We need You to partner with Us to Help meet Our Adoption Goal of $25,000.00. Given the possibility of being matched so quickly, we need to meet our Goal’s Deadline by February 20th, 2011. We will be holding a Benefit [&hellip