Rose and thorns

Lisa Lee | Photos
1 Dec 2013

I would like to start by saying to our faithful followers. THANK YOU! Gracelyns Journey with Schizencephaly has not been all smooth. It’s been more like a Rose with thorns.
Rose: sweet smiling and brings joy.
Thorns: they come out when you think you got them all removed.

Schizencephaly has been no different then that Rose. Gracelyn has more of the beautiful side of the disorder. The thorns have come and some even stayed. Those thorns have been just part of the blessings that make Schizencephaly worth it. We currently has a new challenge to learn.

We are glad we had a feeding tube placed in Gracelyns tummy. We are needing to remember to keep the diaper bag packed with Gtube supples. Today we went out for about two hours and sweet Gracelyn need to vent her tummy and had not one supply. We are also adjusting to feeding schedule. Our girl is much happier and developing by leaps and bounds since surgery.