Are They Mine?

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Photos, Welcome
17 Feb 2012


So many times I hear people refer to Children as mine, my child, and they belong to me. I could go on and on. I find my self using terms like this.

God has really brought me to a place in the last few week where I have had to truly think about what would happen if Joshua and I lost Ava or Gracelyn. Would I be mad at God for taking these blessings?

My answer might shock some of you. I would have to say

NO I would not be angry

. I can’t say I would not not hurt. Yes I would cry and grieve. Since God placed Ava into my womb and breathed life in to her little soul. Things have never been the same.

Was I angers when I was told that the only why to stop the endometriosis was a hysterectomy. NO. I know that Gods plan was going to be BIG. That started the wheel in motion for our Journey of adoption.

The journey of adoption was filled with highs, and lows. Heart break and joy. With every hurdle we stood on the fact that God was in-control. We put are whole self into ever situation. Then the day came and we got the call to go get the baby GOD picked for us.

We walked into a room of a selfless young lady. She just gave birth hours before. She thought of our feelings and wants. I felt as though God had stepped down from heaven and know what we needed. With the gift of Gracelyn the desires of God heart came clear. He wants nothing more from us parents then to love and care for his children. Never taking them and looking at them as only ours. A great example is that of our First born Ava. She was Gods given to us to love and nurture. Desiring that we would give her fully to Him for His kingdom. When Gracelyn came into our family there where more to it then just a beautiful baby. God brought us to her and the selfless women that carried her for 9 months. God then desires for Joshua and I to give her back to him. Trusting that HE will protect her though life. All the well knowing that God expects us to love and nurture her. Cherishing every moment we are given to spend with her on this earth. one thing I know is that God has asked me to take care and love the best treasure ever.