Disney trip

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Photos, Schizencephaly Awareness
29 Apr 2013

We arrived very early in the morning on Wednesday. Once we got are rental car. We said good by to Tampa FL and headed to Orlando.

The first day we took it easy and explored Downtown Disney. We had a wonderful lunch at Fullers Crab House. While in down town Disney we built a Ride maker. We added the remote control unit to it. When we where at Check up the manager had heard us talking about the reason we where making it and that we where donating to Noah’s Van fund event in St. Augustine. I was ready to pay for when he blessed us and Noah with the everything we had picked during our build of the car. Before we went to bed we went to the pool.

Day two was Schizencephaly Awareness. We drove to St. Augustine to meet Noah, Trisha and River. We had many things to donate for the fundraiser. We had plans back at the resort that night.

Once we got back from St Augustine we quickly got the girls ready for a Princess dinner. We had a little time to go see that Nemo ride and Crush the turtle. We then headed to the Norway village for Dinner with Princess Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Princess Aurora.
We finished the night off with the best Fireworks.

Day three brought a much slower pace day. We woke up and had breakfast at Art of Animations quick service dinning. After that we took the bus to Magic Kingdom and got on the Monorail. We enjoyed just exploring the hotels and relaxing on the monorail. We finished our night off with Dinner at Bongos.

Day four was the final day. A Day that brought little sleep and much fun. We spent the day at Magic Kingdom. We started by riding Dumbo the ride. Ava got to help act out the story of Belle and beast falling in love. She was disappointed that she did not get ride everything she wanted. Joshua and I have decided that this is not our last trip to Disney.

Joshua and I are sad that things did not work out as planned to meet up with our daughters Birth mom. We are excited that we got to meet Noah and see a little taste of what life might be like. We saw a side of Ava that has shown us that she will step into the helper to Gracelyn as Schizencephaly, cerbal palsey and epilepsy is part of our life.
Hope you enjoy a few photos from our trip.