Faith though out the STORM

Lisa Lee | Photos
15 Oct 2013

Living my faith thought out the storms of life. This is not always easy. Trust me when I say that in my life I have had more storms then moments of calm.

See my childhood was learning to Overcomer the words that other fed me thought out elementary, middle and high school years. “You will never complete anything. Your ADD is never going to take you anywhere”. Words that still ring in my head years later. Negative, hurtful words.

During my college years I battled poly cystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. College was not easy since I was 1000 miles from home and struggling to work and keep my grades above a c average. As I neared the end of college I was a part time nanny and enjoying the summer. On the way home from a trip with the family we got into a head on crash. Which changed life. My injury was a huge set back. I fought to recover from damage to my back. To graduate once again.

Once I graduated college the storms did not lessen. To be truthful I went though a time when felt I could not ask for help. I was searching for a Children’s ministry position and luck to eat two whole meals everyday. My heart was stomped time and time again. Interview after interview proved that being a women in ministry was not going to be easy. I learned that God was my provider and the storms would come and go.

Since Joshua and I got married seven and half years ago. We have faced storm after storm. The storm we face know is one that we trust God to bring us though. No we do not know where the money for Gracelyns medical needs will come from. But we know that as long as there is a roof over our head and food on the table we will survive the storm.