Gracelyn’s Finalization

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, New Addition, Photos, Welcome
2 Oct 2011

The last two days have been crazy busy. On Friday we welcomed sweet and loving Gracelyn as forever a “Lee”. Friday morning Joshua, Ava, Gracelyn and myself stood before the judge. My heart was filled with a joy I have never felt. It tried with everything to fight years of happiness. The words spoken by the judge ring in my heart. “I grant this adoption”. The joy in the judge was something I never expected.


As much as it was Gracelyn’s day it was also special for Ava. She was crowned official BIG sister. With Gracelyn to follow by being crowned official little sister.



To finish off the weekend we had the chance to dedicate Gracelyn Bliss Lee. As we stood on the stage at Freedom Life Church, I could not help but to cry at how amazing Gods promises are. Or the fact that a women that never meet us could selflessly give us such a blessing. My heart wishes that Gracelyn’s birth family could have joined us in these two great days. My life is full a great bliss as I share with you.