Journey to New beginnings.

Lisa Lee | Photos
31 May 2012

We arrived in Colorado on Sunday May 27, 2012. We took are time getting here. The last day and night on the road we faced 65 -90 mile winds. Not to mention that Ava and I being sick. Joshua, the girls and I feel blessed to have had my parents leading the way to Colorado from Texas.

Colorado is breath taking and already bringing great change. It has caused us to down size and simplify. Budget changes have made us give up things. This week we traded my Subaru Tribeca for a lower car payment and something that gets better gas mileage.

20120531-095022.jpg. We are also down sizing to one car. This will mean that Joshua will be able to use the public transportation system.

We believe God is still saling our house. Until then we will take are time finding an apartment and feeling blessed for my parents who our letting us grace them with our presents.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.