Let them grow up

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Photos, Welcome
2 Jun 2014

In every family there is a time that as parents we have to let are kids grow up. This is different for each child.

I have always had a hard time letting my Kids stay at someone’s house. I acted like it was ok. Tonight my sweet Ava is staying with Nana and Papa for one week. I know she will be going into first grade starting July 8th. Everything is moving to fast.

I feel we just held both girls for the first time. To add to all my mixed emotions. Gracelyn will be going to preschool though the school district. I am not ready to drop here for even a few hours a week. I feel that trusting someone else to provide the complete care is not possible. I know I that is not true. It is just how I feel.

To tell myself that everything with my baby’s growing upside ok is a lie. I also know that I have to trust others to take care of my girls needs. So please bear with me if I have to learn to trust you.