Mother’s Day 2014

Lisa Lee | Photos
23 May 2014

Today started like every other day. Joshua asked if I feely up to going to Church. I said yes that I wanted to go. Getting Ready for church never seems to change. Someone is having some kind of minor or major crises. Once at church we found our self there early. With snow and a 45 minute to hour drive. This was nice.

Church was what I needed. It was a refreshing river. Pastor Bo truly let Service be moved by God. He has been teaching on Jonah. Before coming to Thrive Church I have been struggling with a Nineveh in my life. My personal Nineveh has to do with fully living and trusting God to provide for past medical cost. I look at the amount and not the PROMISE that God has for us. Plans to prosper us. That my future is not to live in medical debit or even have to fine Medical Bankruptcy.

Mother’s Day was nice and laid back. I spent it with my mom and dad. But not with out surprises or a trip to the ER.