Our GOD is Bigger then Our Need

Lisa Lee | Family, Funds, Photos, Welcome
13 Jun 2013

I really want to start this post with a scripture. Hoping to express what I am feeling. The fact is I have never lost trust that God will Provide, We have been facing a lot of things that are testing Josh and my faith.

As Joshua and I know that God wants our all. He wants our heart, us to trust Him and to give to his Kingdom. Throughout our married life we have given to Gods Kingdom even through every storm. Trust us when we say it has not always been easy. Sometimes it is truly a test of our faith.

Right now is a test. We will make it through. We may have bad days. No matter what we know God will provide.

We are in need of a buyer for our Home in Texas.

We are in need of several financial miracles that have come up in recent days.

We have been putting off one of our financial needs as long as we can. As Gracelyn keeps Growing and in need of more support for her to stabilize herself, we are not able to put her in a Wheelchair/ stroller. For anyone with children with disabilities you know that we are not looking at a couple hundred dollars stroller. But more like $5k to $7k. We pray that insurance will cover some of this cost.

20130612-182141.jpg We have a fitting for this wheelchair/ stroller on July 9. Joshua and I know that even with insurance we need to come out of pocket somewhere around $1,500.
• we are using the money we raise from “Team Gracelyn” shirts to help with this financial need. We are asking for a minimum donation of $20. Make sure to sign up and donate with our donate button. Shirt sales end July 5, 2013. http://www.customink.com/signup/39ju7cl8

We would also love your prayers.