Our many faces Part 2

Lisa Lee | Photos
1 Apr 2013

I would like you to meet more families that have changed for the better. Schizencephaly effect a child in utero. Think again a stroke can happen to even a baby in utero!

Lisa and Joshua

Our daughter Gracelyn was diagnoised at 7.5 months with Schizencephaly. She has changed our world. We love the way she brings Joy to a room. Gracelyn is a determined and fighter. She wants something she finds a way to get want she wants. She has given us a reason to never give up. We would not get the daily blessing and joy she brings if it was not for a selfless birth mom.

The worst part of her diagnosis is seeing her muscle tighten and not being able to fully strength her out. As a parent it is hard to watcher try to communicate something and not understand what she wants. Even with all the therapy and doctors appointments I would not trade one day.



Faith is the positive outlook everyone needs in life. Nothing ever gets her down. She is constant smiles. I would have to say one of the most difficult things about schizencephaly is the frustration she feels when she is trying to tell us something, and we can’t get it. That’s got to be one of the hardest things for her. She communicates through her eyes mostly, so when she can’t “show” us what she’s needing, we all get a bit frustrated. Other than that, she’s about the happiest person in the world. Even while she’s sick throwing up in the hospital or just throwing up at home, she’s still all smiles. It really is the sweetest, saddest thing ever. Faith makes great strides all the time at home and at therapy. I couldn’t be happier to be this little girls mom.



To be honest I would trade all of Noahs issues and take them all on. The worst t is knowing you are defenseless in the future. I wish I never even heard the name Schizencephaly. But the only thing good about it all is Noah has taught me to look at the world for the beauty and not the ugliness us “normal people” see.