Peace in the Storm

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Photos, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
13 Sep 2017

You ever find yourself in a Storm that you can’t control?

For some it might be the storms that Nature unleashes. Other times it might been spiritual. Or maybe that of Flesh and Blood. No matter the Storm. How you come though it matters most.

The lyrics to the song above has taken great meaning. I believe that God places people and songs in our lives for many reasons.

As I hold fast to Gods Promises, I also find that I face new challenges. Yet challenges sometimes feel huge and sometimes more then I can bear alone. I must look to God and know He alone is holding me in the Storm. This storm is no different.

You might say to me WOW. How do you handle living day to day with health issues, special needs daughter, running the daily house hold chores, Homeschool, and wife. Some days I really not sure I can answer that. The only thing is I know God is beside me. The fact is if people really know the battles that face both Joshua and I as we make the best choices for our Special needs daughter and also for our other Daughter, they would be blown away. See many of the choices that are made for our special needs daughter also effect everyone in the family.

We made a long and debated decision that effects everyone in early September. Joshua and I talked many times about homeschooling. There is always been a reason that has surfaced why we would not do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen this way. Never did I think any of my children would face being sent home for a medical need that they could not help. Even worse we would told by staff at the school that she can’t return, until we fix the issue. Oh how my blood boiled to be told that. The fact is that education is important. But if a school can not take my kids the way they are they don’t needs to be given my trust. Home schooling is a path we travel right know. Maybe someday my girls will attend public school again. For now we know that the best thing is to fight the school District to get our special needs daughters IEP and health plan right, before she will go back. So in this storm with the School District my eyes are on the promises of God.

As the Song says My feet wander. But I am letting God take me deeper in my trust with him. This battle is His.