Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Photos
1 Mar 2012

We are starting to get use to the new normal around her. Ava and I take Gracelyn to her therapy appoints twice a week.

While there Ava wants to help her little sister. Which has made it hard on me. So daddy came up with a plan. One day a week he works from home in the morning. This way Gracelyn has no distraction at therapy.

With having occupational and physical therapy back to back twice a week. We have had some good and some not so good days. With the last two weeks being more on the bad side. It was rewarding to see her working so hard. Both therapist, Hany and Heather noticed how good she did today. We pray this continues to be the case. No matter what we will take it day by day.

Hope you enjoy seeing the progress that Gracelyn is making.