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5 Jun 2013

Many of you have followed us over the years. As we fastly approach our Super Hero Gracelyn we face new challenges.

In recent Days Joshua has changed Jobs. He is truly loving his New job and traveling more. He has truly found a place that keeps his mind going and him wanting to go to work.

While myself is trying hard to take it day by day. Trying to Remind myself to Breath. For some of you, you might think that comment is strange. Not for me in recent days.

Ava is just that… Ava. She is full of life. With an imagination to match. Tonight was the first night of Cheer and tumble. She could not stop talking about Cheer. Ava will start school in the fall.

Gracelyn is turning the BIG two on June 8. She is into everything. I really do mean everything. She is still working hard to master walking with her Grait Trainer. With her growing so fast we are facing new challenges.
1. She is out growing traditional Stroller.
2. We will be needing to get a new stroller/ wheelchair.
3. We can file on our new insurance the problem is we must meet a $5000 deductible before they will pay the 80%.
4. A New stroller/ wheelchair is some where around $5k to $6k. We could with a cheaper model. The problem is her little body is not about to stay at 90 degrees all the time.

We are currently saving all the funds from “Team Gracelyn” shirts to help pay for the stroller/wheelchair she is in need of. http://www.customink.com/signup/2cmfxu6lWe are also working on a few other things to help us get this need meet. If you can’t team with us on the shirt fundraiser please pray how God my have you Help. Donations of any amount would help Greatly. Medical Bills keep coming in and with a rare Brain disorder only God knows the details of years to come.