Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
21 Jul 2012

Dreams! Redefined?

It seems like years since I have redefined dreams. There was a time in life that it seemed like a daily occurrence to DREAM. Where did I loose that desire?

Do you my reader, DREAM?

If you don’t I dare you to do so. I promise that I am going to dream again. Let myself not just DREAM but live out some, if not all of those dreams.

This might mean not letting people stand in my way or even listen to people tell me that it is impossible. God just ask that I be willing to trust him along the way. I know that he does not call HIS children to FAIL. I promise from this point on I will dream GODS why and not let things or people stand in the way.

Part two of DREAMING.

Over the last couple weeks I have really asked God some simple question.

When did I loose the desire to DREAM?

He said to me when you started depending on things around you. When you stopped simply depending on me to molded you. You started letting people form the person you are to be.

Then I cried out and asked “What am I needing to freely DREAM again”?

The answer that keeps coming to me, is a come to ME as a little child….
•Faithfulness to do want is asked of you.

To say that I will not fail or even struggle would be a lie. One thing I do know is that I will do my best and might even make some people think I lost my mind. I know for sure that with God by my side I will dream and the dreams will become His to use.

I DARE you to dream His dreams.