My Secret Place

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
26 Sep 2017

Over the years I have found that this Blog has become some what of a Secret place. It is a place I can share my heart. It has also served as a place that I can share the Good and the Ugly. So I am writing this blog post knowing that not many see this anymore. With knowing that I also feel some what sad and disappointed.

I also have come to a place in my heart where I want to live to be happy. In a way not caring if others completely understand my Daily struggles. Knowing that most of the world is too busy to care weather Gracelyn has seizures, anxiety, a blood disorder and more. Or the fact that Ava is strong, bold and lives her life to serve others, yet struggles with who she when in a Group. Not many people take the time to get to know Joshua my husband. Joshua is not one to open up to many, loyal if people invest time to care, he works hard/ long hours to provide for his Family and a great dad/ husband. I think about myself and how people must view me. The truth is I hope they would say I loves deep, genuinely cares what people are going though and a loyal friend. In my heart I feel that who I strive to be is much less then people feel about me. They look at me and see a person who wants pity. My heartbreaks to even think that I am viewed so uncaring. Personally people matter greatly to me.