The story of the condominium

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Welcome
16 Jun 2011

So as many of you know, Joshua and I stepped out in faith on June 7, 2011. A wonderful birth mom had chosen our profile. Their was one thing. We had to leave that day. She would be having the baby in the morning. With no hesitation I said we will be there. Once we were on the road, we started looking for the best deal on a hotel. Needless to say we stepped out in faith to even make this trip. We only had $343 to use for travel. We placed an update her on the website. That’s when everything happened.

Joshua was driving and I had a moment to check my Facebook. I noticed a friend request and did not know the name. I also noticed I had a message. I opened the message and read through it several times, thinking I was reading something wrong. She explained she had seen our website through a mutual friend on Facebook. She could not help us in the way of money, but her husband was a VP for a condominium company in Park City, Utah. She stated that we could stay in a condo for FREE. I emailed her back and gave her our number. About 20 minutes later. We were working details out. That is how it all happened.

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